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Noting is a meditation technique that can get you enlightened. Here’s why: by dropping into systematic and intensive practice of non-thematic speech, the very mechanism that caused consciousness to emerge in the first place can be reactivated, generating an improved quality of conscious sense perception and healing absent-mindedness.

This use for non-thematic speech (also called pre-thematic speech) appears not to have been anticipated by Leslie Dewart, who saw it as primitive and limited — which, granted, in most ways it is — and useful basically mostly for staging the transition to thematic speech and generating full-on self-defining consciousness. Pre-thematic speech remains useful, of course, for uttering exclamatory swear words.

Leslie Dewart published Evolution and Consciousness in 1989 at the very dawn of the World Wide Web, and before there was any pragmatic dharma movement.

The meditation practices leading to classical enlightenment (many of which employ noting) used by pragmatic dharma practitioners, and the theoretical explanation of how speech generates consciousness advanced by Dewart fit together like hand and glove.

Using the theory of E&C to resolve how noting actually works, it should be possible to fine-tune noting practice making classical enlightenment easier to attain by larger numbers of people.

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