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The Three Characteristics (dukkha, anicca, anatta), emphasized particularly in Theravada Buddhism, are not something to see about objects of experience, but rather a way to experience said objects.

As such, they are reminiscent of the empirically derived categorical concepts articulated by Leslie Dewart in Evolution and Consciousness.

Is it possible that progress in insight is tantamount to gaining conscious mastery over one’s own categorical concepts?

As I practice and ponder this question, I keep coming back to a particular correspondence between the Characteristics and the Concepts, thus:

anatta — reality
anicca — causality
dukkha — purpose

Moreover, erroneously projecting a fundamental aspect of consciousness onto the outside “objective” world is exactly the sort of blunder in which our ontic civilization has been mired from its very beginnings. Could it be possible that even the Buddha himself fell for it?

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