I am offering a FREE introductory Basic Mindfulness session at The Lotus Yoga Centre (100 Harbord St., Toronto, near Spadina) on Tuesday, September 17, 7:45-9pm.

You are invited; bring a friend, too!

In the seven weeks following the FREE intro (Sept. 24 – Nov. 5) there will also be a course, “The Basic Mindfulness Seminar”, teaching beginners how to meditate and helping those with more experience hone their attentional skills of concentration, clarity, and equanimity. The cost for the course is $150+HST for the seven sessions, or $130+HST Early-Bird Rate for anyone signing up at or before the FREE intro, Sept. 17. Pre-register at: info@lotusyogacentre.com.

This course will survey Shinzen Young’s Basic Mindfulness meditation system. Beginners with no prior meditation experience can get established with powerful and proven techniques. Experienced yogis (meditators) will find here an opportunity to deepen and expand their meditation practice.

In addition to instruction, group meditation, Q&A, and troubleshooting during the scheduled course time, participants will also be encouraged (but not required) to set goals for themselves for daily personal practice and to support each other to meet these goals through Internet, social media, and telephone hook-ups to be arranged.

Whether you are just trying mindfulness on for size the first time and all you want to do is attend the weekly classes and check it out, or you have an established practice and you want to make use of the group dynamic to support some serious sustained hardcore meditation and really attain something, the structure of this course is designed for you to set, state, and meet your mindfulness goals.

If you want to meditate, you can. Here’s how.