This is Tarver in Toronto blogging about Leslie Dewart’s book, Evolution and Consciousness, pragmatic dharma and mindfulness practice, and recovery from the absent-mindedness which afflicts so much of humanity.Tarver

I had the great good fortune of meeting Prof. Dewart and studying with him briefly in the early 1990’s when I was a graduate student at the University of Toronto.

I deeply regret that I did not start in earnest on this project earlier, while Leslie Dewart was still alive. Evidently neither I, nor the Internet, nor the burgeoning interest in human consciousness in general and mindfulness in particular were yet ripe enough. With two decades of additional life experience and the flourishing of the Internet, I finally find myself in a position to respond to his masterwork.

The last time I spoke with Leslie Dewart was a few years ago. When I told him I was still reading his book, he was mildly bemused and told me I might be better off just reading a good mystery novel.

Well, the story I want to read is the one I want to write by living it: Can I find a way to explicate the book clearly enough, popularize it sufficiently, and find or help others find a way to make use of the paradigm-shattering theory it articulates, before the evolution of the human species ends abruptly in absent-mindedness induced environmental catastrophe? It may already be too late.

The direction I have chosen to develop this (although at times, I have to admit, it feels like it has chosen me) is to stop repeating Leslie’s mistake of trying to convince professional philosophers of anything. They seem already to have made up their minds — though they may yet come around. Instead, I am seeking practical applications of Dewart’s philosophy of consciousness in the direct manipulation of human self-definition through mindfulness practice.

I have become a meditation teacher.